Ideal Client Profile

idealclientprofileIt is important to recognize that a certain type of client will achieve maximum satisfaction by working with Capital Insight Group. While we have a wide variety of clients with which we work, most exhibit one or more of the following traits:

Open/Full Disclosure:
Open with all aspects of their financial life (full disclosure) and live within their means with a low debt/net worth ratio.

Emerging Affluent:
Typically first generation wealth builders with $250,000 to $10,000,000 of assets to invest.

Comprehensive Relationship:
Seeks a comprehensive financial advisory relationship that includes a written financial plan and portfolio management with a goal-oriented focus

Trusted Advisor:
Our firm is the trusted advisor, and we commit to meeting regularly for a comprehensive review, and being responsive to each other via phone and email throughout the year.

Values the advice of financial professionals and will act on our recommendations.

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