We trace our roots back to the offices that were opened by Lewis Walker in 1976 and William Keen in 1983.

Even though the financial markets and our world have experienced tremendous change over that time period, we have always continued to hold true to the foundations of the advice that we give. That foundation is built upon the careful consideration of only making recommendations based upon what we would do if we were in a client’s particular situation.

We thoroughly appreciate the trust which clients have afforded us as well as the opportunity to continue to provide personalized financial planning and investment advice. The coming years are sure to bring challenges and opportunities to us all and we have built a company and team of strategic partners that is ready, prepared and energized to take them on.

So what should you expect from us over the next 40 years? There is no way that we can guarantee a certain investment return or outcome, but what we can commit to is providing objective, independent advice.

And, above all, doing what is right.